Ball and Chain

Income increase = Higher loan payment = Still unable to save

Income increase = Tax increase = Bringing home the same $$ as I was while waitressing

Income increase + ObamaCare plan = Owing $2,000 in taxes this April

Income increase = The worst financial shape I’ve ever been in



2 thoughts on “Ball and Chain

  1. I agree. It’s horrendous for small business owners too. My taxes are unbelievable. If they would loosen up on the middle class that money would go right back into the economy. With that tax money I would have been able to put on a new roof, more home repairs, buy new appliances, shop more. Now that is what would really trickle down…..

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  2. I am going through exactly the same thing. I have a full time job but I still have to freelance here and there, just so that at least I have some money to enjoy life like a person. I am about to start paying back my student loans (which is totally pointless considering the amount I owe in contrast with the amount that I make after taxes…). It is a sad story in this country, people working too hard for nothing. Yes it could be worse, but that doesn’t make it ok. That shouldn’t mean that we shouldn’t demand better rights, more financial stability. For small businesses it’s truly horrifying, because above all, it becomes discouraging to continue on, sometimes it even becomes impossible to continue. Who can sustain a startup? Unless you are a popular celebrity and have a shit ton of money, you have such a disadvantage at starting your own business… it’s time for a change.


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