Choose one

A blank page is inviting/intimidating
The sight of it makes you feel inspired/empty
It holds so much promise/fear
Your first sentence is exciting/forced
The words are magical/dull
You’re dying to continue/quit
What comes next is tantalizing/terrifying
What you’ve done is admirable/awful
When you write, everything else disappears/interrupts
With these words, you can do anything/nothing
The words are all you need/have
The rest of the world doesn’t matter/care
What you say is important/irrelevant
You speak your mind with conviction/uncertainty
You share your heart honestly/shamefully
You are elated/exhausted
Your work makes you feel proud/embarrassed
You have achieved so much/little
You keep pushing/backpedaling
You never give up/enough
Your goals are attainable/unrealistic
You are in control/despair
The possibilities are endless/few
Your dreams only get bigger/farther away
Your limits are imaginary/real
Think of the possibilities/obstacles
Keep trying/hesitating
Fill that blank paper with life/nothing
Choose words that are bold/flat
Don’t hold back/your breath
Make the page your canvas/worst nightmare
Let the words be your guide/enemy
With time you’ll stop worrying/trying
Your words will make you smile/scowl
You’ll create worlds that are unique/boring
Others will be amazed/unimpressed
Your heart will swell/drop
You’ll feel peaceful/disgruntled
You will have learned/failed to see


Every blank page will be inviting and intimidating.
The sight of it will make you feel both inspired and empty-headed.
It holds so much promise and so much fear.
Your first sentence is always exciting, if forced.
The words are sometimes magical, sometimes dull.
You’re dying to continue; other times you’re dying to quit.
What comes next is tantalizing and terrifying.
What you’ve done is admirable, though some might be awful.
When you write, everything else disappears, until life interrupts.
With these words, you can do anything, but some days, they’ll do nothing for you.
The words are all you have, but they’re all you need.
The rest of the world doesn’t matter. The rest of the world doesn’t care about your flaws.
What you say is important. Cut out what’s irrelevant.
You can speak your mind with conviction, even through uncertainty.
You can share your heart honestly and shamefully.
You will always be elated and/or exhausted.
Your work can make you feel proud or embarrassed, or proud AND embarrassed.
You have achieved so much, in so little time.
You must always keep pushing, but sometimes backpedaling is necessary.
You must never give up. That’s enough.
Your goals are attainable. Who says they’re unrealistic?
You are in control. Don’t despair.
The possibilities are endless, but you only need a few.
Your dreams only get bigger, even if they seem farther away.
Your limits are imaginary. Your potential is real.
Think of the possibilities, not of the obstacles
Keep trying, even when (especially when) you’re hesitating.
Fill that blank paper with life. Nothing is stopping you.
Choose words that are bold. Choose words that are flat.
Don’t hold back. Stop and catch your breath.
Make the page your canvas. It’s not your worst nightmare.
Let the words be your guide, not your enemy.
With time you’ll stop worrying. With time it won’t even feel like you’re trying.
Your words will make you smile, and will make others scowl.
You’ll create worlds that are unique. It’s impossible to be boring.
Others will be amazed, though some will remain unimpressed.
Your heart will swell. Don’t let it drop.
You’ll feel peaceful when you’re done. Don’t get too disgruntled along the way.
You will have learned a lot, even if you failed.


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