It is, but it shouldn’t be.

It is, but it shouldn’t be.

The way of the world.

There must be a list somewhere.

Somewhere where all our thoughts collide, where our reason has seen.

Why do

so many







And somewhere everywhere we just sit on them.

Do nothing,

go on with what is

although it shouldn’t be.


we do something


we start something


we imagine something

But who are we?

We, us, who care

We, us, who see

We, us, who do

who start

who imagine

Who are we?

Because we are not everybody, although we should be.

It is, but it shouldn’t be.

I don’t want to sit

and just partake on what is.

I want to imagine,

to start,

to do something,

to re-humanize this world.

But, since, how, should?

It is too complex

to even begin to think

of what would be

the ideal becoming of the world,


to even think of why should it matter

to me

to everybody,


to think whether is worth it to think so much

to have the blurred clarity of all which is so evidently wrong.

As my next impulse becomes to start a list of all which is but shouldn’t be,

I am a coward.



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