Performance Scores for the Struggling Artist

Please use with discretion and a grain of salt.

1. Sit in the park. Contemplate homelessness.

2. Eat only foods that cost less than $2.

3. See how many different couches/beds/futons/floors you can sleep on in a month.

4. Scream.

5. Do not buy anything.

6. Have faith. Lose faith.

7. Work.

8. See how long you can go without eating.

9. Optional solo or with two (or more) people: look for a place to live. Fail.

10. For two (or more) people: talk about living with each other, but don’t actually do it.

11. Live with each other.

12. Ignore any artwork you may be doing, including this.

13. Avoid looking at your bank account balance for as long as possible.

14. See how long you can go without doing laundry.

15. Think about art.

16. For two people: commiserate.

17. Fail. Fail again. Repeat until desired outcome is reached.

18. Stretch.

19. What is comfort?

20. Decide what is enough.

21. Be artful with money.

22. Stop.

23. a. Move.
b. Don’t move.

24. Box.

25.  _____________________ (Fill the void.)


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