My Last Post: A New York State of Mind

I looked at my loan calculations yesterday.  I was hit by that wave of anxiety, that panic.  I thought, “What the hell have I done. I’m so stupid. I just ruined my life!”  And then I took a breath…

I thought about Walt Whitman’s demand, “Give me the streets of Manhattan”. I thought about how beautiful NY will look when it snows.  I thought about pretty coats, and good coffee, and how sometimes when I walk in the city the wind blows through my hair in the right direction and I feel like I’m gliding.  I thought about having a glass of wine on a fire escape, and ice-skating in Central Park, and movie night with my apartment mates, my friends, my rock. I thought about  how happy I am every morning when I wake up and see my girlfriend next to me and how lucky we are to wake up together in this beautiful city!

Am I a hopeless Romantic? Yes. Am I financially screwed? Absolutely. Am I happy? Yes, more than I can say.

 For the last time,


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