Dear God

Dear God,

I know I haven’t prayed to you throughout my entire life, but it seems these days I talk to you more and more. What I’m praying for is a miracle. I’m tired and sometimes I don’t know where in this world I want to be or what I should be doing with myself. But I do know that something has to give. The lack of money and greedy focus towards it is stressful. And I try to not live for money, but this world makes it difficult not too. I pray to be free of this stress and I pray to be able to use my creative skills for more hours of the day than less. I pray for this opportunity. I pray to forgo wanting even though part of me believes that the wanting is what makes us human. The better part of me craves satisfaction and contentment. Please quiet the voice inside my head that is on repeat “What next? What now? I want this… I need that.” Something inside me is imbalanced and it scares me. I pray to not be envious and to understand that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I pray to be thankful of my skills and not wish I were someone that I’m not. Allow me to stop comparing, judging, spying. I am praying for a miracle. Of contentment. Allow me to find a way to be an artist full-time and stress less. Please God reveal a 40-hour art-week to me so that I can enjoy my family and friends, exercise, cook healthy meals, volunteer, read, and have more time to laugh and less to cry and complain about how exhausted I am from working 50+ hours on top of artwork. Please reveal this to me and show me the way.




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