A conversation with my roommate

My roommate has been very skeptic of this blog from the beginning of it all. Note that this is a person whom I believe (and I am sure) appreciates me (and admires me) as a person, as a friend, as an artist, as a being. This is a person who without hesitation collaborated and will continue to collaborate with me in my project titled I can’t afford this lifestyle. This is a person who lives under my roof. Another artist who lives under my roof. This is a person who up until this week didn’t really get why I was putting all this time into this project.

We finally reopened the conversation which we had started at the beginning of September but in which neither of us paid much attention or really listened to the other.

“I don’t really get it” said ____________.


There we stood, a foot away and miles away simultaneously.

1)Didn’t “we” (people at the blog and others in the same situation) know beforehand what we were getting into? Didn’t we know that there aren’t many career-related-jobs that could possibly pay for an education in the humanities or arts? Isn’t it our responsibility?

Of course we knew, and yes it is our responsibility to an extent. But isn’t it our right to study, to develop our minds, to want to create more than there is, to have an economy that allows for us to live in dignity? Furthermore, we took the risk of borrowing the money because we were investing in our future, which I am sure we all loved to do but now question the value of what we are getting in return.

2) The tone is just really pessimistic, it isn’t something that can be enjoyed.

Exactly. That is why we need to do it. Of course nobody wants to hear it but it is there, everywhere.

3) But doesn’t everybody know that? Everybody seems to know that the economy is bad, that there is some crisis in education. So why are you putting all this time into whatever it is that you are doing. I guess the question is, whether this is supposed to be informative, or is it supposed to change anything, or what, what is it really about?

We want to empower. To support. We also seek for sympathy, empathy.

4)Are you just criticizing education? But you love to study…

I was talking to Tuesday the other day, and Tuesday kept trying to pin down the one thing that this blog is criticizing. I don’t think that that is possible. We cannot criticize the economic crisis without criticizing the political crisis without criticizing the education crisis. And then of course, awareness doesn’t mean anything. “It isn’t obviously the case that knowledge of a situation entails a desire to change it,” says Ranciere, and we are artists, all we can do, and what we are “trained” and “educated” to do is…



And of course education is a basic human right (or is it not?).

5) But creating about this…

We cannot do anything else. If I weren’t invested in this, I would have killed myself already. Working long underpaid hours just to pay rent gets old very quickly. What else are we supposed to do?



I can’t help thinking that we’ve done something wrong with the blog. Our message isn’t clear. We have been assuming too many things. We’ve assumed everybody is already with us in this. We forget that awareness of a situation doesn’t mean there will be an effort put into changing it.

I don’t think my degree was worth tens of thousands of dollars, can I have my money back?

I guess my problem is that I don’t have any experience waiting tables so in the areas where I could potentially find a job that would afford me a slightly better life than what I have right now, I am not a strong candidate. I have a Masters degree? So what? I haven’t been waiting tables for over a year, please don’t apply. Or lie.

The truth is I can do anything. Except lying?

You  need to sell out and you know it. Art isn’t about you, is about what people want to see. Give it to them.

No. All you need is good luck. If you are lucky your debt will be gone in a heartbeat.


Financial Aid for a year = Potential  Burden for life or Potential Succes(?)


That was not the end of the conversation. And that is not exactly how it happened. This is how I remember it as I try to write about it and make sense of where we left off, and what needs to be discussed further, not only between my roommate and I, but between you and me. What is true is that at least we agree a little bit more, my roommate and I.

This is the premise of the questions which make me question. Why do we write the grace period blog? Why should everybody care? Why don’t I quit the blog and try my hardest to be the next Warhol?

Because we are prepared and willing to make this world a better place, who doesn’t want that?

There are more questions.

We need to work on answers, but also on actions.

I will be asking you soon,

until then, save the date: NOV 21st.



One thought on “A conversation with my roommate

  1. Me gusta lo q he leído pero ciertamente creo que de vez en cuando me gustaría leer también ideas positivas pues la realidad tan dura abruma y está bien exponer sus inquietudes y pensamientos como vivencias. Pues cuando estamos en situaciones difíciles que creo es en general hoy el mundo atraviesa por algo así; leer o escuchar cosas lindas y positivas son de gran apoyo.
    Felicidades a quienes se esfuerzan por dar su tiempo y talento en este blog .hasta la próxima.


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