November 21st, Indiegogo Campaign–2/x/5070564

November 21, 2013. A day that will live in infamy. Why you ask? The grace period for student loans is over. Repayment is upon us. We are only the latest wave of students to face the reality of their loan debt- and we won’t be the last.

The Grace Period Blog is first and foremost, a conversation. Seven anonymous artists share our thoughts, questions, hardships and celebrations. Sacrifices must be made, but not of our art. Instead, we’re making our art work for us. We write as a manifesto. Our society is littered with debt, but money is something we’ve been taught not to talk about. It’s “impolite.” We hide the truth, are embarrassed by that big negative number following us around. Let’s come out of the debt closet together!

We are faceless because we are everyone’s face. It is not just our story, but the story of all of those who are in debt. Please check out the link to see the blog that has been our creative outlet for the past few months. We are pulling raw material from the blog to create a participatory performance piece- and that’s where you come in.

After months of anonymous writing, we will come together in a collective performance, raising our voices and yours, to celebrate the death of the grace period, and the beginning of the unknown. Your support is an integral part of this project. We look to you, whether you are an artist, a supporter of the arts, or anything in between, to join in our conversation, and donate what you can.

Art is a service industry and in that way it is interaction, an exchange between the artist and the audience, and we are all up for active “emancipated” spectators. Here’s what were asking of you, our audience and our collaborators:

Your participation:

reading, sharing and talking about the blog and the subjects it covers

participation in our performance November 21st. What that means: your presence, and as many of your friends, family, community, etc. that you can bring.

Your financial support:

We are asking for your help in meeting our $3500 goal to make this project come to life. This money will cover the cost of publicity materials, equipment for the performance, and of course, as compensation for the hard work and time we have put into this project so far. The  seven of us at the Grace Period Blog are asking for minimum wage payment for our time. You can scroll down to see the breakdown of our costs. Transparency is a rare thing in today’s world and we want you to know exactly where your money is going.

Save the date: November 21, 2o13, as we raise a toast to the end of the grace period.


2 thoughts on “November 21st, Indiegogo Campaign

  1. Throughout history, reform has always begun with either the repurchasing of slaves (sold because of debt) and the forgiveness of debt.

    We abolished child labor only to raise debt-wage slaves. I guess the grace period should be recorded as yet another Orwellian term, because it certainly lacks grace. All the more Orwellian that the debt is related to purchasing from the wealthiest organizations on the planet, yet they are called ‘non-profits.’


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